Li Ion Battery Failure Detector

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Li Ion Battery Failure Detector

The Li ion Battery Failure detector protects Li Ion battery rooms and other locations where motive and stationary batteries are present by monitoring hydrogen gas levels. Li Ion batteries emit hydrogen gas first during a runaway condition.Concentrations of 4% with air can be explosive The detector turns on the fan at 0.25%, or 135Deg F. Sparks or hot surfaces can ignite them. The hydrogen gas detector will provide a warning and facilitate dissipation of the hydrogen, by operating alarms and exhaust fans before it reaches the lower explosive limit of 4%.

In addition to protecting your property and employees, cost savings are also realized. Insurance premiums may be reduced as a result of a hydrogen gas detector installation. Electricity costs decrease as a result of controlled exhaust fan operation rather than continuous fan operation. Air conditioning and heating costs are also reduced as a result of the controlled fan operation.

Two models are available: AC or DC, Optional accessories include a steel junction box for mounting on wall or ceiling, a remote panel for eye level placement, and modular cable for connecting the remote to the detector.


  • 099133 HGD Mimic Panel, single, w/buzzer (remote)
  • 099135 HGD Mimic Panel, double. w/buzzer
  • 099136 HGD Mimic Panel, triple, w/buzzer
  • 099137 HGD Mimic Panel, single, (no buzzer)
  • 099117 25 Foot Interconnect Cable
  • 099128 Interconnect Cable, Custom Length up to 1000’
  • 099127 Junction Box HGD
Protects life, property and profits against Li Ion runaway gas explosions


  • Continuous monitoring of hydrogen gas levels
  • Automatic operation
  • Monitors Hydrogen, Methane, Ethane, and COwith alarm activation
  • LED status display
  • Reliable, highly sensative, highly stable, solid state sensor
  • Simple Installation
  • Long operating life

Explosion Prevention Systems (NFPA 69, Chap 8) and NFPA 2 Hydrogen Technology Code compliant. They are "Nonincendive" and meet Class 1 Division 2 (NEC) Hazardous Atmosphere codes CE E x G NFPA 855


  • Protects against Lithium Ion battery room explosions
  • Inexpensive protection for your property and employees
  • Decreases electricity costs as a result of con-trolled exhust fan operation
  • Insurance premium reduction may be realized
  • Decreases electricity costs as a result of con-trolled exhust fan operation
  • Reliable, uninterupted 24/7 monitoring and control
  • Simple operation

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (LXWXH)
    7" (L) x 4-3/4" (W) x 2-1/4" (H)
  • Mounting
    Four 3/16-inch screws
  • Warranty
    Five year warranty

Models & Part Numbers

  • 099130 Li Ion Battery Failure Detector Mark 4 (85 to 265 VAC 50/60)
  • 099131 Li Ion Battery Failure Detector Mark 4 (17 - 60 VDC)